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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  January 20, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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college, and cyber security. the president is expected to focus heavily on economic mobility particularly his tax reform plan that would lower taxes for middle class families while raising them on the wealthiest americans. this morning, our new nbc news "the wall street journal" poll shows more americans are satisfied with the economy than at any point in the last ten years. and the president's overall job approval number. that number now stands at 46%. the president's highest rating in over a year. and nearly half of americans approve of his handling of the economy. despite those numbers, it is unlikely any of the president's proposals will advance in congress especially his tax reform plan. appearing on the "today" show this morning, white house chief of staff dennis mcdonough defended the plan. >> i think what the president is saying that middle class economics that we pursued since 2009 have gotten us to where we
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are. we want a series of middle class tax cuts. >> but dennis it can't pass. and nobody says it can pass. people say it is dead on arrival. isn't it a political maneuver some kind of a trap to simply get republicans in a bad spot as the 2016 election approaches? >> matt the president has run his last campaign. what the president says is any tax reform ought to benefit the middle class. >> nbc senior correspondent kris jansing joins us now. kris obviously the president has been beating a slow drum beat leading up to his state of the union. really trying to go to different states pitching for example, the college plan. now of course we know the buzz around the president's tax proposal. >> reporter: you know this is different than anything we've seen for a state of the union before. you mentioned all of the travel he has done. it used to be secretive. couldn't get information out of the white house in advance, it was tough. now they're laying out all of
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their major proposals. in addition to that, they have an aggressive social media plan. the most viewed was when he used facebook to announce two free years of community college plan. they're looking at this differently, laying it out there. more than anything i think what has pushed this and very different from what the republicans thought would happen after they won control of the senate and a bigger majority in the house, what's pushing this are better economic numbers that you see, tamron that they think gives them a little impetus for the american people who are feeling better about where they are. the tricky part of it of their plan which the republicans say is dead on arrival, nonstarters to get the wealthiest to pay for it. >> one of the president's guests, a maryland man that spent five years in cuban
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prison. on the other side house speaker john boehner is one of three republicans who invited cuban dissidents as their guests. >> reporter: that's the other part of the politics of this, right, that the actions, executive actions that the president has taken on immigration and of course on cuba policy and we've seen just over the last couple days this rush of americans who had a new opportunity to go to cuba so the president -- you'll remember tamron when allen gross was released and he held a poignant press conference he had some incredibly positive things to say about the president and his movements toward cuba. by having not just speaker john boehner but other members of congress who are bringing the other side out there, they're making their statement, too, that they're not going away quietly, and in fact they're making their own plans over on the hill for how they're going to move forward, what their strategy is to move forward after the president delivers his state of the union. and then he will be going on the road again to push these
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programs a little further. >> all right, thank you very much. joining me now, democratic senator ben cardenof maryland senator, thank you for your time today. >> good to be with you, thank you. >> you know the lay of the land, the field the president will be looking at republican controlled congress for the first time here. already, opposition start with the tax proposal. >> well i think the president has been very clear for america, made great progress on the economy. to stay strong we have to help working families that are struggling to pay their bills, whether it is tax code dealing with paid leave, he wants to make it easier for working families that are struggling today. >> let me play what illinois senator had to say regarding redistribution of wealth. you know that's a common talking point for republicans and conservatives throughout the president's two terms. let me play what senator kirk said. >> i would be worried if you
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redistribute income, you have less of it. what i like to see is a bipartisan plan to back things like joe and i have been working on to make sure that we are much more pulling together as a team to reduce the overall debt. >> of course there with senator joe manchin, discussing a plan that could be bipartisan. do you see any window any lane that would allow for a bipartisan plan regarding tax and without eliminating the president's proposal? >> we clearly have to reach bipartisan agreement. we have to listen to each other across party lines, figure out a strategy to move this country forward. just in response to senator kirk, it is not about redistributing wealth it is about middle income families working families that are struggling in which their wages haven't kept up with productivity gains in the country. i think the president has made that point rather clearly. it is about rewarding working families that are struggling today so they can have the
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benefits of a growing economy. i think that's what these policies are aimed at. >> you have seen the new nbc nus "the wall street journal" poll shows his overall approval 46%, highest rating in over a year. just talking with people that have been skeptical in the past now believing that perhaps they have more money in their pockets, maybe they will go out and look for some of the things they have been wanting to purchase. you have to look at gas prices whether that's giving some people, many americans confidence. when you drive by a gas station see it is $2 in some cases less than that you know something is going in the right direction. >> it is a visible sign your paycheck will go a little further when you see gas prices go down. absolutely that's a clear signal. and no question 11 million jobs we created in the last 58 months, the president's policy to concentrate on middle income families has i think reflected in poll numbers and in the growth of our economy.
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now what the president wants to do is make sure work really does pay and that workers get the benefit of their productivity. and that's a little more complicated, little more difficult, but it is clearly where the president is aimed. >> what is also difficult as you know the situation and circumstances we are watching play out in paris and other parts of europe where raids are happening, even today, where extremists are being targeted and arrested. the president likely to address these concerns. he met with david cameron just yesterday. what do you believe he needs to say in the state of the union address while keeping an eye on domestic issues that may be improving with what seems to be a situation in europe that is dissolving into a frightful situation in some parts. >> i think the president will emphasize that u.s. leadership is critically important to keep us safe at home that the world looks to the united states for that leadership and exactly what we are doing with isil we are
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showing that we will be a full partner in dealing with the growth of extremist groups and that we will provide the support, but as far as ground troops are concerned, it is going to be the responsibility of the region to take care of their own needs, but the united states will help. i think you'll hear that message. through u.s. leadership we are seeing a more stable regime in iraq, a more moderate regime more inclusive. that's the best remedy against the growth of extremist groups. >> thank you very much, senator, for your time. pleasure having you on. see you in the audience tonight. joining me knee a malik henderson. let me start with you, the notion it is a hail mary for the president. we look at what has been accomplished and what has not. the clock is not on his side as the government is supposed to layout he doesn't have another term left. >> the expectation in some ways
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especially after that mid term campaign, that shellacking that the democrats got, that this would be a lame duck president. he has done something differently. he will go on the offense. tonight in this speech has been on the offense since the november election. and you've seen a correlation with the pulse, his poll numbers are certainly up. one of the things i think he is doing is not only laying out a legacy document in this speech tonight in the way that he laid out sort of a road map for the election in 2014 this is about his own legacies. it is also about hillary clinton, right. i don't think we should forget that in that white house working on this speech is a man named john poe did he say tow who in a few weeks will go to work for hillary clinton on her presumed presidential campaign. >> michael, get the lay of the land for the president already. i don't think it is a surprise to anyone that this tax proposal we discussed now for the past two days in republican eyes dead on arrival. the message may hit the middle
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class and some sensiblities there, but will it ever become a reality? >> no, it won't, that's not the point. she makes an astute point and i want to pick up on it. i think the thing obama is trying to do here is set the terms of the debate as we head into 2016. presidential campaigns, tamron are the only time we as citizenry have these big conversations about what our national priorities are going to be. we just can't usually get enough people focused in the other three years. we have them during a presidential campaign. if the conversation heading into the 2016 presidential campaign is about wage stagnation how to improve the condition of the middle class that's a conversation that's on paper at least, assuming the economy is still going well into that year that's a conversation that is -- should be a favorable one to clinton and all democrats.
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>> that's what was said in the mid terms, the conversation over minimum wage some of the other issues facing middle america, and those arguments seem to evaporate in the air, and resulted in democrats losing of course. and you know the score there. i think that this notion of income inequality the massive rallies with people who work at fast food places and just some of the other things we discussed ticking up to the mid term elections, they've been there, so how does the president tee it up for his last two years and eventually help whatever democrat decides to run in the next general election. >> that's a good question. i can tick off what i think are several differences between 2014 and 2016 and the kind of rhetoric the democrats tried to use in 2014 and the kind of rhetoric that might be used in 2016. here to me is the one key thing. democrats talk about inequality they have a habit or reflex of talking about it in terms of
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fairness, but fairness only really resonates to liberals. what they need to talk about is growth. they need to say that investing in the middle class is not merely fairer it will lead to better economic growth than supply side economics will and growth is an argument where you get voters in the middle and probably even some republicans. >> and i see you nodding your head as well on this. >> you know they have to figure out how to balance populism and aspiration. one of the things you saw was emphasis on minimum wage it didn't work for democrats, although you did see in several states that they passed minimum wage hikes. so in that way, it did kind of work but i do think you see the president shifting language talking about college, broadband, the middle class, trying to tap into a sense of aspirational drive that the middle class has, rather than the minimum wage which to some
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people, struck some people as not the most aspirational thing to talk about. >> and it is interesting as well you had some people since michael brought up the next election cycle, next presidential race, many of wondering if the president and economy continues to do well if republicans and conservatives shift again to the war on terror that this president has not been effective handling that. one potential presidential candidate really stepped in it yesterday, was giving a speech in london where he referred to these areas, these enclaves where muslims have taken over and outsiders are not able to come in. let me play we have the full screen of what he said here. he says that they carry out as much of sharia law without regard for laws of the democratic countries which provided them a new home. he has been slammed for this. ayman mohyeldin is reporting live from tel aviv. i thought he was excellent this
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morning. wanted to bring him in on this. are you there? >> reporter: i am tamron. >> so bobby jindal now getting huge push back on no go zones. first of all, explain how this came into the dialogue and conversation. >> reporter: sure. i mean it was somewhat introduced to the leks con in the wake of the paris attacks. there was a lot of discussion about minority communities in france and elsewhere in europe it got a lot of traction and headlines when fox news made a major area having a security expert essentially say in major cities in the united kingdom like birmingham there were areas that were no go areas. what he was explicit about was that these no go areas were parts of the city the state had collapsed, there was no semblance of civil governments, no courts. sharia courts were set up. it painted a grim picture that blew up on the internet with
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people mocking fox news and mocking the security expert. even the british prime minister weighed in on it called him a complete idiot, saying there's no truth to any such assertion that there are no go areas in united kingdom. that's why it caught much more attention yesterday when the governor once again made the statement that there were no go zone areas, without citing specific parts of either united kingdom or elsewhere in europe he said it that officials told him, gave no specific concrete evidence of it. >> to your point, he is essentially doubling down on this, saying that he believes his words were we spent several days here, had a chance to meet with several elected leaders that he didn't name he claims that's what he is hearing from them. michael, pivoting this back to what we might see facing whatever candidate comes out of the democratic party, if you can't beat at the economy, you try to beat with phantom issues
8:16 am
perhaps. >> well maybe. i don't know how many republicans we're going to here echo bobby jindal on this in the next few days. sure would be interesting if some did. i take your general point that most notably the war with the islamic state is a very very tough grind. you know they've gained some territory. now, you know you can easily argue they would have gained far more if we weren't in there doing these bombings but that's a tough topic for hillary clinton or any democratic whoever the democratic nominee is. >> the substance of real conversation. as we know when we talk about war, war on terror any of this notion, it leaps into hyperbole, and if you look at things you can go down the list of things we discussed, it seems to skip rather quickly to notions of no go zones and similar things like that michael. >> it does but i think those
8:17 am
arguments like jindal's, i think they're perfectsuasive to fox news audience. >> thank you for joining us. greatly appreciate it. developing now, french officials arrest five people accused of plotting a new terror attack, this as japan refuses to pay $2 million ransom for two hostages held by isis. a live report from richard engel is next. i heard a big boom some pieces of the expressway had collapsed on vehicles. >> the investigation is under way after a bridge suddenly collapses in ohio killing one person. and "american sniper" under fire. filmmaker michael moore sets off a debate saying sniper is coward. what he says about that remark. the debate continues over whether the movie glamorizes war. join the conversation online.
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we are following breaking news. two yemeni nationals have been charged with conspiring to murder americans abroad. nbc justice correspondent pete williams joins us live with details on this breaking news. pete what can you tell us? >> reporter: this is a very unusual case in the sense that two men from yemen accused of being in al qaeda have been brought to the united states to face charges. the government says both of them were trying and both of them did, in fact fight against u.s. military personnel overseas. the two, one who is 36 and the other age 30 have been brought to brooklyn for court appearances. one of them had their appearance sunday, the other has his appearance before a federal judge later today.
8:22 am
the government says that the older man actually fought against the military in iraq between 2003 and 2007 and then it says both of them travelled to pakistan in 2008 trained with al qaeda, then went to fight u.s. military personnel in afghanistan. interestingly, the government says its source for this information is somebody who has already pleaded guilty to fighting with al qaeda against american troops overseas and that this person has become a confidential informant for the government and that is much of the government's case is built on that person's testimony. >> all right, thank you very much, pete. appreciate you getting us up to date. if there's more information, we'll certainly have you come back if we can. we are following major developments in the past few hours on the war on terror. among them reports of a rebel coup. and al qaeda in the arabian
8:23 am
peninsula. richard engel joins us from istanbul with the latest there. richard, what can you tell us regarding what's played out in yemen here? >> reporter: i can tell you, it is still playing out. according to some officials, a coup is under way. it is not clear that the president of yemen will survive the day. houthi rebels who began to clash with government forces houthi rebels have taken over a large part of the capital sanaa, have been olding most of the capital since september began to fight with government forces yesterday. there was a brief truce. today that truce didn't hold and the fighting has been centered in and around the presidential compound. the president believed to be inside his residence, which is within the presidential compound. houthi rebels are said to have
8:24 am
taken over parts of the presidential compound and are firing on the residence itself. there are some international mediation efforts under way, but it is unclear what the mediation efforts will lead to. will they lead to the president's departure, will they lead to a negotiated settlement with the rebels and government could work out a solution. at this stage it is very fluid. we may know more in a few hours. we are expecting to hear a speech from the houthi rebel leader when he could outline his intentions. >> okay. richard, also we know developing news, new video from isis claiming it will kill two japanese hostages if $200 million ransom is not paid in the next 72 hours. and the japanese prime minister has responded to this. >> well this is the familiar
8:25 am
scenario and familiar pattern and the familiar kind of propaganda that we have seen from isis the same english speaking militant dressed in all black, with hostages in front of him. the same militant that beheaded two american reporters, two british aide workers, so now he has and isis has these two japanese hostages and are demanding exorbitant sum of $200 million for their release. $100 million each. and isis says it came to this figure by adding up the amount of money that japan has dedicated, already spent, is promising to spend to other countries to fight against the islamic state, so in a video that has been posted this chilling video, you see the militants saying instead of spending money to fight against the islamic state, you have to pay the money to release the hostages.
8:26 am
and japan has said it will not give in to the terrorists will not bow to their demands, but is saying it will do what it can to secure the release of its hostages. it is not clear how much can be done. >> i have to get you to stick around on one other development. the prosecutors in france announcing something shortly. five chech ands were arrested with explosives. do you have more details to report? >> reporter: not more than what you just read and as you can tell just from the last couple minutes that i have been on air with you how much is going on. we have yemen, linked to paris, the kouachi brothers said that they received training and finance from al qaeda in yemen and right now we see what could be the pro-u.s. u.s. backed government in yemen falling.
8:27 am
it is unclear if it has fallen yet, but seems to be facing a life and death struggle as we speak. then we have the new isis video, the video of militants coming out, demanding more money, continuing raids in france continuing to uncover explosives. it is a very troubling time on many fronts. >> absolutely. i know you're busy collecting information. greatly appreciate you giving updates on those three developments just within the last half hour here. thank you, richard. coming up the co-founder of social media site used by billions, called plaks oh, charged with murdering his ex-wife. new husband, the latest on the investigation. and pope francis goes into candid mode again, why he brought up rabbit and reproduction. this as the pope announces more stops in the united states this fall. startup-ny. it's working for new york state. already 55 companies are investing over $98 million dollars and creating over 2100 jobs. from long island to all across upstate new york,
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breaking news, there's been a shooting at bringing ham and
8:31 am
women's hospital in boston. we are told at least one person was shot. boston police department is investigating. the suspect has been located, but it is not clear what the condition of the suspect is. we will bring you more developments more details as soon as we learn it. right now, on-going situation at a well known hospital in boston brigham and women's hospital one person has been shot at least one person. boston police there on the scene. we will bring more developments on that. also developing now. after several delays the trial is under way for the man accused of killing 12 people and injuring dozens of others in colorado in that movie theater shooting. this is suspect james holmes. it is expected to take months with what they say is the largest jury pool in u.s. history, talking 9,000 people called in. holmes is accused of a shooting screen in midnight screening of
8:32 am
"the dark knight rises back in aurora back in 2012." he pled not guilty by reason of insanity. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in this case. and developing out of ohio officials about to hold a news conference on the deadly bridge collapse in cincinnati. the overpass collapsed late last night onto a busy stretch of highway in the downtown area killing a construction worker. it was undergoing demolition at the time. the bridge fell on to a tractor-trailer underneath and the driver suffered only minor injuries. there's no word yet what caused that overpass to collapse. right now, it is called a workplace accident. the cincinnati paper reports the bridge was found to be structurally sound in october of 2011. but considered functionally obsolete. here is the city march just last night. >> our teams are here surveying the situation, conducting necessary investigations. we will work with state department of transportation as this thing unfolds. >> joining me founder of
8:33 am
construction law firm and author of too big to fall america's falling infrastructure and the way forward. thank you for joining us. barry, we don't want to jump to conclusions here again it was a demolition under way now, being called anyway a workplace accident. the bridge was 50 plus years old. it does bring up the conversation yet again of infrastructure at a time when the president has his state of the union address and talk about ways to get america back on its feet and get our infrastructure where it should be. >> the tragic nature of any collapse any infrastructure problem, is really an opportunity for us to highlight the perilous state of our nation's infrastructure which after four decades of paying no attention to from a governmental standpoint is now reaching critical state. >> you've talked about the neglect of the construction effort, neglect in rebuilding bridges. when you look at it since 1989
8:34 am
nearly 600 bridges in the united states have collapsed. that's a staggering number to be neglected neglected. >> and we have currently 8,000 bridges in our nation today which by every engineering standard could fall at a moment's notice as we saw in minnesota, on august 1, 2007 and two years ago in washington state with the i-5 bridge. >> if you could give a critical eye, and you have done so when looking at not just this administration but overall how our government views our infrastructure and the failings what would you say? >> there are two statistics that highlight what's going on. over the past ten years alone, we have short falls, decreasing short falls of transportation funding of 3.5% a year. more importantly, we also have a $3.3 trillion need in the next 15 years, according to american society of civil engineers,
8:35 am
merely to upgrade, to bring up to standards all our infrastructure. those are amazing numbers. and we are not doing anything reasonable or meaningful to correct that. >> you make the point about depletion of funds, shortfall over the next ten years. this already dire situation, i don't even know what you would describe then if the shortfall continues in the next ten years. >> we are getting very very close to critical state where every driver in the country because of bad roads and bridges pays over $450 for maintenance of cars caused by bad roads and bridges, in states like california it is double that. more importantly what we are seeing is that politicians believe it is enafter ma for us to raise the gas tax, something we haven't done since 1993 and which is going to cost our
8:36 am
nation over a00 billion dollars out of funds. these are staggering numbers and can't be ignored much longer. >> thank you very much. this bridge accident in ohio is under investigation, being called workplace accident at this point but always brings attention back to infrastructure and in many cases our bridges in this country. thank you, barry. >> good to be with you, tamron. an update on breaking news out of boston. we are learning one person is under arrest after a shooting at boston brigham and women's hospital. the building is on lockdown. all staff are asked to remain in place. no word who the victim is. we are working to get more details. at this point, the hospital at least a portion of it is on lockdown. one building on lockdown. one individual has been shot at a well known hospital in the boston area. we will get more details and be right back. and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? aleve, proven better on pain.
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speech. quote, the president will enter the house chamber riding a wave of confidence driven by improving economy and brightening public approval ratings, and he seems as defiant as ever. but despite the encouraging economic backdrop tonight the president will face a republican led house and senate the first time in his presidency. this is a brand new nbc news "the wall street journal" poll, shows that only 35% of americans believe divided government works well for the country. joining me live mark murray to dig into some of the other numbers that you've highlighted there, mark. >> yeah tamron the biggest overall story in our brand new nbc "the wall street journal" poll has to do with the economy. the number that sticks out to me, 45% of the american public say they're satisfied with the current economy. that's not a majority but that's the biggest percentage we had in that poll going back to
8:41 am
january of 2004, so 11 years. and as one of the polsters put it, that number signifies that america has broken out of the recession mind set. the frame of mind of the american public has now is certainly the one that they had before that recession. >> it is interesting how this we often hear politicians, including up to the white house, say they don't pay attention to polls, don't govern based on polls. we know that's probably not true but with that said what kind of energy do you believe this will add to the president's speech particularly on the economy, when contrast it with some even within his party feel was a failing during mid terms to sell some of the success that was on the horizon that we see in full color now. >> i think you'll see pep in the step from the president. in past state of the union addresses, i went back and read all of the previous ones he has given, he often said something like the state of the union is
8:42 am
getting stronger or we have a long way to rebuild. i think this time you'll hear the most declarative statement, that the statement has never been stronger than it has been in his presidency. and i think he is going to take credit for that. the big question tamron, is is this good economic news continuing the trajectory. if it does, it will change the political landscape for 2016. sometimes you have good economic news and something happens that breaks it up. so the months ahead are important. >> thank you. tens of millions of viewers will tune in for tonight's state of the union, typically the biggest audience the president has all year. state of the union viewership has been declining the last few years. 33 million watched president obama's address last year. that's the second lowest number of total viewers since neilson started to track the speeches in 1993. to put it in another perspective. 11 million fewer people than watched the nfl playoff game
8:43 am
between the cowboys and green bay packers last week. that may be why the president is turning to social media, like so many others to help get his message out. he will be talking to youtube stars in a series of post speech interviews. presidential historianal and licht man says social media is killing the state of the union, at the same time the white house is doing everything it can to use social media to keep it alive. he joins us now. good to see you. thanks for joining. >> my pleasure. >> why is social media killing the state of the union address? >> well for the obvious reason that in the age of social media, people no longer tune in in vast numbers to big prime time events, unless of course it is football. but that's another matter. people get their news they get their information from other sources. the other reason of course that the state of the union is diminished is that it is boring
8:44 am
boring boring. can you tell me one thing president obama has said in any of his state of the union messages. we don't really have the rhetoric you see in inaugural addresses, but the paradox is that the president is now using social media in another way to enhance the state of the union, to kind of have the extended state of the union. you have the first one on television then the next one on youtube and facebook and a whole bunch of social media outlets that all dinosaurs like me have never heard of. >> to your point about enhancing the state of the union address, that's exactly what the white house tweeted out this morning. their tweet what we're enhancing the enhanced state of the union. watch tonight at 9:00 p.m., at #stateoftheunion. we tapped into social media to get people engaged in real time
8:45 am
to give thoughts on the state of the union. i would think any opportunity to have nontroll dialogue when you're able to get that is a valuable way to your point when sometimes there is a glaze over the state of the union address no matter who is delivering it. >> that's right. and this state of the union address is particularly important because what it really is is the opening to the presidential election of 2016. as you said obama is riding higher than two months ago. in fact he wishes the election was today rather than november. he is not going to get that. what he can hope to get is a good start for elections of 2016. and to do that he has to model fdr and ronald reagan and speak directly to the american people. forget about the republicans in congress whose approval rating is lower than a'til a the hunn
8:46 am
anyway. >> for example, the president already talking about college and making it affordable for those that want to go for two years. when you look at the young demographics of social media, something like that would give it legs and provide more conversation even after the speech just on social media or any platform from twitter to facebook. >> you couldn't be more right, he is speaking to young people who are the future after all. remember, they need that young person's turnout in 2016. they didn't get it in 2014. and so they're using every possible outlet to reach folks like my 22-year-old son. >> allan, thank you for joining us. always a pleasure to talk with you. >> same here tamron. >> stay with msnbc for special coverage of the state of the union address, hosted by rachel maddow and chris matthews. it all starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. coming up the u.s. is preparing for pope francis,
8:47 am
after he announced the three cities he'll travel to this fall. we have the lineup for you. plus people are talking about comments the pope made on reproduction. and rabbit. we will tell you exactly what he said. and the story behind this photo of tiger woods missing a tooth. it is one of the stories we are following around the "newsnation." ♪searching with devotion♪ ♪for a snack that isn't lame♪ ♪but this...♪
8:48 am
♪takes my breath away♪
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we are back with an update on breaking news we've been following out of boston. a police official tells nbc news that the victim in today's shooting at the women's hospital has life threatening injuries. we're learning the victim is a mail. the situation is under control and that the suspect has been arrested. now, portions of the hospital are on lockdown and they are not taking any new patients right now. we're working to get more information on the victim and the circumstances surrounding
8:51 am
this shooting at the hospital and we'll update you as soon as we get more news from the boston police department. the co-founder of the networking service plaxo is under arrest for murder. that tops our look at news nation police say he shot and killed his ex-wife's new husband in their virginia home. his two children were home at the time and were not hurt. his ex-wife walked in with the third child during the shooting. pope francis is confirming details but upcoming trip to the united states where he will visit washington, d.c. philadelphia and new york city. but, it is not that that's making headlines. it is the pope's new comments on contraception that is grabbing all of the news. so the pontiff reiterated the church's position to artificial contraception. but, it does not mean couples should make one child after another and be like quote,
8:52 am
rabbits. there are much church approved ways of family planning and parents need to be responsible. tiger woods is missing a tooth. he was spotted surprising lindsey vonn after she made history in italy. tying are showed up with a scarf with a skull on it. when he removed it it was revealed his tooth was missing. his agent says a photographer with a shoulder-mounted camera turned and hit tiger in the mouth during a surge of photographers at the awards podium. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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giving viewers the opportunity to get involved in the state of the union like never before. msnbc's craig melvin is standing by with those details. >> tamron we're letting folks vote real time. here's the question, what do you think the headline of the state of the union will be?
8:56 am
domestic issues foreign issues. so far, overwhelmingly folks think the president will spend the majority of the speech talking about domestic issues which makes sense because he has been chris crossing the country talking about expanding broadband and making community college more affordable. overwhelmingly and we did look by gender as well women and men both thing domestic issues will dominate the state of the union. >> thank you, craig. thank you so much for joining us for this hour. we'll see you tomorrow. up next "andrea mitchell reports" with house democratic leader nancy pelosi. please, please, please. [ male announcer ] the wish we wish above health. so we quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. expanded minuteclinic for walk-in medical care. and created programs that encourage people to take their medications regularly. introducing cvs health. a new purpose. a
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this chamber speaks to one voice to the people we represent. it is you, our citizens who make the state of our union
9:00 am
strong. [ applause ] >> right now on "andrea mitchell reports," the state of the union, president obama's unconventional approach, tax hikes on the rich tax breaks for the middle class. family leave, community college. is he setting the agenda for 2016? the president's closest adviser valerie jarrett joins us in a moment. a new threat for isis another video demanding ransom. is the u.s. doing enough to take on islamic state? the new chairman of the senate arms services committee, john mccain joins us next. will cuba be -- we'll ask pat leahy just back from cuba when he joins us live. democratic


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